PERUMIN 34 Convención Minera (PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention) will be hosted and organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), a nonprofit association founded in 1943toarticulateeffortswithprivateandpublicorganizationstopromotethegenerationofspaces for dialogue, in which actions for the long-awaited sustainable development of Peru may be broughtforward.


Since1954tothepresentday,PERUMIN Mining Conventionhasbeenoneoftheworld’smost important mining events, where the major issues of the Peruvian mining industry are analyzed, sharing effective solutions to face up to its huge challenges on the eve of our upcoming IndependenceBicentennial.Thisacademicactivityis complementedbyaMiningTechnologies Exhibition – EXTEMIN, which will bring together domestic and international companies operating in more than 70 business lines, which have generated unprecedented tradeactivities.



PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention will be held in the city of Arequipa, at the premises of Asociación Empresarial Cerro Juli, from September 16 to September 20, 2019, under theslogan “Mining, Science, Innovation, Technology andEducation”.

The main goal of this edition is to raise awareness, particularly among our youth, that the mining industryisnotjustaboutextractingandexportingmineralsbutacomplexandresponsibleactivity performed under high standards, which provides, among other benefits, a significant opportunity to create and develop science and state-of-the-art technological innovation based on our human and mineralresources.


PERUMIN34MiningConventionwillbebasedonthreepillars:TheMiningSummit,Exteminand the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Forum. The seven meetings on previous editions will focus on the Mining Summit, to discuss them comprehensively, and the technical aspects of legal, tax, social and environmental matters will be addressed at the TISForum.

This version is expected to be more dynamic, with renowned lecturers, discussion panels and technology, to promote the acquisition of knowledge and capture the ongoing attention of participants. Some of the international Keynote Speakers are:

·         Javier Aguilar, Senior Specialist in Mining World Bank (USA) – Vision of Mining Regulatory Competitiveness.

·         Michelle Ash, Chairman GMGgroup (Canada) – Innovation in Mining Activities.

·         Santiago Billinkis – Entrepreneur, author and technologist (Argentina) – The future of work and education for life.

·         Antonio Bravo, BBVA (Spain) – Digital transformation in the Financial Sector.

·         Leonard Brody, Co-founder and president of Creative Labs (Canada) – Innovation for the creation of value.

·         Kenneth Budka, Nokia Bell Labs (USA) – Innovation Culture in the Mining Sector.

·         Gustavo Crespi, BID (Uruguay) Innovation cases in Peru and the Region.

·         Ric Gros, Founder and Chair of Convergency (Australia) – Clusters and Innovation

·         Upmanu Lali, Director Columbia Water Center (USA) – Innovation for the Protection of Water Sources.

·         Tito Martins, Global CEO Nexa Resources (Brazil) – Open Innovation and the New Generation of Mining.

·         Helen McFarlane, Researcher at University of Western Australia (Australia) – Innovation in Exploration and Geology.

·         Nadia Mykytczuk, Associate Professor at Industrial Research Chair Laurentian University (Canada) – Opportunities to convert Mining Liabilities into Assets.

·         Nelson Pizarro, Executive President CODELCO (Chile) – Mining and its challenges.

·         Brian Quinn, Partner McKinsey & Company (USA) – The commitment to Innovation.

·         Namrata Thapar, Global Head Mining IFC (USA) – Shared Infrastructure.


Also, a renewed Extemin has been planned, with a modern and professional design and a business area, which will also include logistic and international issues and promote business for all attendees and lecturers.

The following are expected for this Convention:

·          5,400 Peruvian and foreign participants at the academicencounters

·          1,000 students and teachers of nationwideuniversities

·          320 opinion leaders andjournalists

·          1,500 booths for over 1,000 Peruvian and foreignfirms

·          More than 60,000 visitors at the Mining Technologies Exhibition -EXTEMIN1


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